Brandon Foster, Navy Veteran

Director of Contract Oversight, Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT), Access2Care

Brandon Foster had originally thought he wanted to be a combat medic in the U.S. Marine Corps. But when he discovered the U.S. Navy actually serves in that capacity (as a Corpsmen) alongside the Marines, he joined the Navy.

Foster was first stationed in Cherry Point, NC, where he worked in the hospital. Later, he rotated to the Marine Corps Security Force Battalion (now Regiment) in Norfolk, VA, and was assigned as a frontline Corpsman for the 1st Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST) Company, 3rd Platoon. After his deployments with the Fast Platoon ended, Foster put this accumulated knowledge to use as the Senior Petty Officer in charge of training for the Marine Corps Security Force Battalion Aid Station. Foster coordinated the training for other Corpsmen, ensuring that Navy sailors and Marines were medically fit for deployment. After five years of active duty, he left the Navy to raise a family but continued serving for a number of years in the Reserves.

As the Director of Contract Oversight for Access2Care, Foster finds ample opportunity to put what he learned in the Navy to good use in his civilian career. “The Navy taught me how to stay organized, meet deadlines, work with different cultures and people and coordinate personnel activities throughout the world,” he said. “When I’m managing large projects for Access2Care, these experiences have provided me with the tools to be successful.”

Years of Service

Foster was active duty from 2002-2007 and active reserves from 2007-2010, for a total of eight years.

Rank Achieved

Foster earned the rank of Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class (E-5). Hospital Corpsmen perform duties as assistants in the prevention and treatment of disease and injury, and assist healthcare professionals in providing medical care to Navy and Marine Corps personnel of the operational forces, shore activities and other authorized beneficiaries. Corpsmen also function as:

  • Clinical or Specialty Technicians
  • Administrative personnel and healthcare providers at treatment facilities
  • Battlefield corpsmen with the Marine Corps and Naval Construction Forces, rendering emergency medical treatment to include initial treatment in a combat environment

Countries Visited

Foster initially served in the U.S. in Cherry Point, NC. He also spent time in Cuba, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal.

Favorite Military Memories

Stationed in Rota, Spain, he trained directly with the Spanish Marines, learning their medical tactics and sharing U.S. medical practices for wounded Marines. But Foster’s favorite memories are of the people. “I miss the camaraderie I had with my Marine brothers and sisters. I also miss the sense of pride I had while serving my country. However, working for GMR has given me the opportunity to help people in a variety of capacities, and the camaraderie and sense of belonging I have with my co-workers is amazing.”