Brian Sharp, United States Navy

Flight Paramedic, Guardian Flight Wyoming

Brian Sharp served in the United States Navy as a Corpsman Medic attached to the Marines. He was tested under fire in combat, caring for the ill and injured Marines with whom he was stationed. After three years of active duty, he moved on to the Reserves for five years while building a civilian career.

In the military, Sharp had learned to love the field of medical services. He was interested in continuing to serve in another capacity, that of a flight paramedic. He holds that position, now, with Guardian Flight Wyoming, where he is part of a flight crew that saves lives on a daily basis. He credits the military for much of his civilian success.

"The military gave me the ability to work under high pressure," said Sharp. "I have been able to bring this ability with me while working for Guardian Flight."

Years of Service
Sharp served as an active-duty corpsman for three years and served five more in the reserves.

Rank Achieved
Sharp attained the rank of HM3 (E4), a Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class.

Countries Visited or Served
Sharp was in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait