Grace E. de las Alas, U.S. Air Force, United States Air Force

Flight Nurse, AirMed International, Las Vegas, Nevada

When Grace E. de las Alas decided to join the U.S. military in 2012, she selected the U.S. Air Force as her service branch because of the opportunities it provided in air medical care.

“I chose the U.S. Air Force because I wanted to be part of the armed forces and serve as a flight nurse. The Air Force’s Air Mobility Command Aeromedical Evacuation unit provides medical evacuation for military members of any branch of service to provide time-sensitive, mission-critical enroute care,” said de las Alas.

Today, de las Alas is still in the Air Force Reserve, serving as a flight nurse and as a Training Assistant Flight Commander in her unit. She also works as a flight nurse for AirMed International.

“Joining the Air Force was the best thing I could have done to give back to our country by serving, by taking care of those men and women who protect me and my family,” said de las Alas. “My experience in Critical Care Air Transport and as a flight nurse in the military, providing critical care to patients in the back of a giant plane like a mobile Intensive Care Unit, along with the extensive military leadership training prepared me for my current role as a flight nurse with AirMed International,” de las Alas added.

What is Your Current Position
Aeromedical Evacuation Flight Nurse

Most Interesting Experience While Serving
The most interesting experience I had while serving in the Air Force involved traveling around the world to remote and austere places to take care of members of the armed forces — this was, by far, the most rewarding job I ever had as a nurse.

Role with AirMed International
I currently work as a flight nurse for AirMed International. I started with Life Guard International (Flying ICU) in February 2016, which was acquired by AMR Air Ambulance in 2018 and then by AirMed International. My duty as a flight nurse is to safely transport critically ill patients to a higher level of care. While they are in my care, I ensure that they receive the best possible treatment.