Michael Schulz, Army and Army National Guard Veteran

Paramedic, American Medical Response (A Global Medical Response Solution)

Michael Schulz joined the Army National Guard when he was 17 years old. He had wanted to see if the military life was for him before committing to the Army. However, his plans changed shortly after he joined. The September 11 attacks resulted in the mobilization of his unit to serve on Active Duty and he was sent overseas.

For the next six years Schulz served his country as an Army Rifleman in the Infantry. He was in Egypt and Israel during those tense times in the Middle East. He was also deployed to New Orleans to help Katrina victims in the aftermath of the devastating storm. When his obligation was up, he was ready to return to civilian life but never forgot what he learned in the Army.

“I carry with me aspects of the professionalism I acquired in the military,” said Schulz pointing to the way he presents himself in crisp, ironed uniform and polished boots. One aspect of the job Michael enjoys is interacting with other veterans, sick or injured, who he transports occasionally. “If they have a military tattoo or VA ID card, I will take note of this and disclose my veteran status to form patient rapport. Exchanging stories can often be helpful, taking their mind off the pain or illness even if only briefly.”

Rank Attained

Schulz earned the rank of E-4 Specialist in the United States Army.

Countries Served In

Schulz served in Egypt and Israel and served stateside later on during his service.

Memorable Military Experience

Schulz points to his deployment to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina as a defining moment in both his military and civilian careers. “The devastation caused by the aftermath of the storm was unlike anything I had seen before. It inspired me so much that I chose to join the federal government’s disaster response team as a paramedic,” he said.