Tiranda Brown, United States Army

Emergency Medical Technician, Abbott EMS

Tiranda Brown’s father had served his country in the United States Air Force. Her Uncle was a Marine. Brown says, jokingly, that’s why she chose the United States Army: to rebel. Actually, she saw that branch as her best opportunity to contribute.

In the Army, Brown served with distinction as an Aviation Operations Specialist, handling communications and dispatching medical evacuation aircraft. She served for 12 years before deciding to take a different career path as a civilian. She took a “leap of faith” and pursued her dream of serving in the medical field. Joining Abbott EMS, she now provides emergency medical care and transports patients to and from medical facilities. She credits the military for the smooth transition to her new career.

“I think my military training has equipped me with a diverse set of skills that makes me a better caregiver and helps me keep my cool during stressful situations,” said Brown. “I’m able to better analyze a situation and make a decision based on my training. It also helps me be resilient and bounce back, especially after tough calls or hard days on the job.”

Rank Achieved
In her 12-year U.S. Army career, Brown attained the rank of Sargent (E-5).

Countries Visited
Brown traveled the world with the Army, enjoying the exposure to so many different cultures. She served in:
  • Europe
  • Afganistan
  • Kuwait
  • Many duty stations in the U.S.

Military Memories
“It’s hard to pinpoint or define one interesting experience,” said Brown. "I have so many memories and stories. I miss the feeling of being a part of a community - that sense of purpose, teamwork, morale and unity. I miss the missions and being a part of an elite group, a team with one common goal.”

Why Global Medical Response? (Parent Company of Abbott EMS)
“First, GMR supports, recognizes and values Veterans. Second, it is a global organization that provides fire, ground and air support to the communities they serve. To me, this translates into so many opportunities to be a public servant and help people during different kinds of emergency situations,” said Brown.

“Last, because GMR is an organization with so many locations, it makes me feel a little more secure whenever my family moves. We are a military family - my spouse is still in the military and we frequently move. Knowing there is a company with multiple locations makes me feel like I have some control or sense of job security with GMR.”