3.25.20 (NPR.org)
States Get Creative To Find And Deploy More Health Workers In COVID-19 Fight
Retired doctors and medical students are signing up to take clinical shifts and help ease the impact on healthcare systems in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

3.24.20 (BBC News)
Will Warm Weather Really Kill Off COVID-19?
Some  hope that outbreaks of the new coronavirus will wane as temperatures rise, but pandemics often don’t behave in the same way as seasonal outbreaks. 

3.23.20 (CNN Health)
US Surgeon General Warns 'this week, it's going to get bad' as hospitals struggle to keep up with new coronavirus cases
The war against coronavirus has intensified across the country as more workers are laid off, medical supplies dwindle, and states enact new rules to get Americans to stay home. "I want America to understand -- this week, it's going to get bad," US Surgeon General Jerome Adams told NBC's "Today" show Monday.

3.22.20 (Medical News Today)
COVID-19: Five Reasons to be Cautiously Hopeful
Researchers are hard at work trying to understand, treat and prevent the new coronavirus. This article looks at some of their results.

3.21.20 (CBS News)
"Very Difficult to Predict" How Long "Stay-at-Home" Orders will Last, Dr. Fauci Says
As some state governors have begun issuing statewide stay-at-home orders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unclear how long they might last says Dr. Anthony Fauci.

3.20.20 (Fox Business)
Blood Donors Needed in the Midst of Coronavirus Outbreak
Dr. Ed Racht, Global Medical Response chief medical officer says his 38,000 EMTs paramedics and nurses are seeing an influx of coronavirus patients.

3.20.20 (ABC News)
Americans Told 'Do Not Travel' Overseas by State Department Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
The State Department is urging all Americans "do not travel" abroad because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The department issued its highest-level alert.

3.19.20 (New Scientist)
Coronavirus Latest News: China Reports no New Local Cases
For the first time since the outbreak began in late December, China reported that yesterday there were no new local cases of the coronavirus. The lockdown could be lifted in Wuhan, China, once there are no new cases for 14 days. 

3.18.20 (Health Affairs)
Unpacking The Coverage Provisions In The House Coronavirus Bill 
The Families First Coronavirus Response Act is multi-billion dollar legislation to provide emergency funds to address the crisis.

3.17.20 (The News & Observer)
Social Distancing During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Here’s What to Know 
Social distancing is “increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness.” The World Health Organization recommends staying at least three feet away from others.

3.16.20 (CNN)
White House Advises Public to Avoid Groups of More than Ten
The White House advised all Americans to avoid groups of more than 10 and urged older people to stay at home in a set of new guidelines designed to fight a spreading coronavirus outbreak.

3.15.20 (Spokesman-Review)
First Responders Limiting Access to Public, Using Extra Caution in Anticipation of COVID-19
First responders are taking extra precautions and canceling any unnecessary contact with the public as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases grows.

3.14.20 (San Fransisco Examiner)
Health Officials Ramping up Testing Capacity 
Over the last month, medical workers from the Department of Public Health, NORCAL Ambulance and AMR have been dispatched to homes, hospitals and medical facilities to collect novel coronavirus samples and transport patients.

3.13.20 (EMS 1)
IAFC Launches Coronavirus Task Force
The task force will monitor the coronavirus and develop recommendations for ways that fire departments can protect their members while continuing to serve their communities.

2.11.20 (NBC News)
Coronavirus Gets Official Name from WHO: COVID-19
The new coronavirus that’s sickened more than 42,000 people in China now has an official name: COVID-19. It stands for the coronavirus disease that was discovered in 2019.

2.7.20 (khon News)
EMS Providing Backup Screening for Coronavirus
EMS crews provide an extra layer of screening against the coronavirus, and can also back up state and federal agencies when needed.

2.2.20 (Dept. of Homeland Security)
DHS Issues Restrictions On Inbound Flights With Individuals Who Have Been In China
WASHINGTON — In response to the evolving threat of the novel coronavirus, and to minimize the risk of spreading within the United States, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today will begin enforcing restrictions for all passenger flights to the United States carrying individuals who have recently traveled from the People’s Republic of China. 

1.30.20 (WMUR9)
NH First Responders Say They're Ready to Deal with Coronavirus 
New Hampshire state and local agencies coordinate procedures as first responders like AMR prepare to screen for the virus. 

1.28.20 (KOLD News)
911 Centers Screen for Coronavirus Symptoms in Southern Arizona 
Operators at 911 centers across southern Arizona are screening calls for possible cases of coronavirus. AMR teams across the country rolled out the safety measure Friday following a recommendation from the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch and local medical directors.
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