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Brad Andrews

Brad Andrews

Brad Andrews is being honored as a Star of Life for his quick action in saving an unconscious patient in the ambulance bay of a local hospital. Brad was in the bay when a car sped in with the patient inside. After realizing the patient was nonresponsive, Brad acted immediately and began CPR. Even as hospital staff wheeled the patient into the ER, Brad continued his resuscitation efforts. The patient was a code save and was able to walk out of the hospital a few days later.

But Brad’s service extends beyond his clinical expertise. He was recently working standby for a marathon. As the last runner struggled with 2.5 miles remaining, she asked Brad to take her to the finish line in the ambulance. Brad wouldn’t let her quit. With the ambulance following close behind, Brad and the marathoner walked the remainder of the course. She crossed the finish line.

Brad has worked in the EMS industry since 2001. He is known as a fixer, a doer, who will go to extraordinary lengths to help his peers and the people of his community. He is an ideal representative of the company and the industry.

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