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James Brodigan

Base Pilot Supervisor/Line Pilot, Med-Trans Corporation
James Brodigan

James (Jim) Brodigan is being honored as a star of life for his quick actions that enabled an elderly patient to reach a local ICU. Jim was off duty pursuing his hobby when he visited the home of a man who had an old pinball machine for sale. The man suddenly paled, weakened and became short of breath. Soon, he collapsed to the floor and was unresponsive. After directing the man’s wife to call 911, Jim found the man had no pulse. He began chest compressions. After several minutes the man slowly came to and was able to raise his arm as a response. EMS arrived and transported the patient to a local ICU. The man’s family called to thank Jim and told him the patient was hanging on in ICU. When the patient’s wife called two days later, it was to say that her husband had passed on. But she gave Jim her heartfelt thanks for that extra time she had with her husband. It meant so much to her, and that meant everything to Jim.
Jim has been flying EMS aircraft for more than 15 years. His colleagues say he is humble, even unassuming, but that the more you are around him the more you see his deep compassion, razor-sharp intelligence and his wisdom that comes from both successes and failures, as he would tell you himself.

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