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Lauryn Allgood

Flight Nurse
Lauryn Allgood

Lauryn Allgood is being honored as a Star of Life for her contributions to quality improvement across her organization. Lauryn’s Quality Enhancement Program Director marked her as a standout contributor when Lauryn joined a committee tasked with mitigating or eliminating risk. When that leader moved into a new position, she transitioned Lauryn to lead the committee and continue to completion the project they had worked on together. 

Lauryn accepted the challenge evincing an ingrained desire to lead and innate knack of being a leader. She impressed her colleagues with her ability to learn, think critically, problem solve and, most importantly ask the right questions. By the time Lauryn had completed the company-wide project, her efforts had impacted every single flight crew member in the Air-Evac organization. She has helped foster a culture of continuous improvement that is not limited to improving patient care, but touches all areas of operations and all people.

Lauryn is a skilled clinician who holds a Master’s degree in Nursing and is committed to providing care at a moment’s notice. This makes her service outside the designated scope of a flight nurse all the more noteworthy. She reflects the best values of the company and is an asset on the job and off.

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