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Sergio Alvarez

Sergio Alvarez

Sergio Alvarez is being honored as a Star of Life for exemplifying the GMR mission of being Patient Focused and Caregiver Inspired. As first responders, we all know about tough calls. For Sergio this has been especially true. He was faced with the need to rush to the aid of his own sister who had experienced a medical event at her home leading to cardio-respiratory failure. Without hesitation, Sergio reacted and performed high-quality CPR until care could be turned over to the arriving EMS crew.

His act of heroism and strength—of patient focus in a situation where focus was nearly impossible—is an inspiration to his caregiver peers. His drive is undeterred. He learns from both positive and negative experiences and shows a strength unparalleled by most. He is a superb representative of GMR. He is compassionate. He gives much, takes little and expects nothing in return. That he has helped someone is enough for him.

Sergio is studying to become a doctor and is currently working in lab studies, exploring and developing new techniques and treatments for eradicating cancer cells in the human body. He recently earned his NREMT-Paramedic certification and will be in the field in that capacity soon. 

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