Abbott EMS Honors First Responders Who Saved Lives


The 38th Annual Clinical Save Banquet recognized 90 first responders from Illinois and Missouri.
Abbott EMS was proud to host the 38th annual Clinical Save Banquet on June 18. Sixty-one clinical save awards were presented to 90 EMTs and paramedics from the Belleville, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri Abbott EMS operations. A clinical save as defined by the Essentials of Advanced Cardiac Life Support occurs when a person stops breathing and their heart stops beating, which is called a clinical death. If the heart can be restarted and continues to beat long enough to admit the patient to a hospital, that is called a clinical save.

Abbott EMS was honored to have four patients and their families attend to say thank you to those crew members who used their clinical knowledge to save lives. Several employee family members, support staff, crew members and Global Medical Response (GMR) leaders were also in attendance to support and celebrate the crew members’ excellent clinical care.

“The Clinical Save Awards allow us to provide much needed and well-earned recognition for the excellent clinical care provided by our emergency medical dispatchers, EMTs and paramedics,” said Abbott EMS Regional Manager of Clinical Operations William Warsing. “For me, it is the highlight of the year. These crews have used their expert knowledge, skills and abilities to truly make a difference in the lives of the patients they've treated.” 

Warsing shared, “I had the opportunity to speak with each of the families who joined us at the ceremony. As we spoke, I noticed a common theme to what they shared. Compassion. In the midst of the worst days of their lives, each family recalled an act of kindness from our crew members. A blanket given, a kind word that offered assurance they were doing all they could. I am so proud of our crews and the compassionate care they provide every day.”

Warsing organized the event and was the master of ceremonies.

Abbott EMS Honors First Responders Who Saved Lives