Event Medical

Event Medical

We offer a variety of options to handle any size event.

We set the standard for event‐based care, working with teams in temporary and fixed venues across the nation. By applying clinical training in ways that improve the patient experience in a variety of settings, we have become integral contributors to improving health and mitigating issues and injury in event medicine.


We provide event medical and incident management services to more than 1,500 events nationwide each year by your local AMR operation or CrowdRx. Our event partners trust us to deliver quality and cost‐effective emergency medical care for a variety of special events.

  • Professional Sports Teams (NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, NHL)
  • Concerts and Conventions
  • Races and Competitions
  • Festivals, Fairs and Parades
  • University Athletics
  • Major Sporting Events (Super Bowls, World Series)
  • NASCAR and Indycar Racing
  • VIP Coverage of the U.S. Presidential Motorcade

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We’re ready when you need us. From full-scale disaster response deployments covering large geographies, to single site incident management and control, our team is up to the challenge and able to deliver the expertise you expect.