Air Evac Lifeteam Pilot Honored as Pilot of the Year by National EMS Pilots Association


Pilot Richard Wyckoff, based out of Licking County, Ohio, was nominated for the award by his coworkers for his dedication and spirit of excellence in his service.
Air Evac Lifeteam pilot Richard Wyckoff was recently honored by the National EMS Pilots Association as 2022 Pilot of the Year. Wyckoff, a pilot based at Air Evac Lifeteam in Licking County, Ohio, received the annual award during a celebration last month.

“Rich was nominated for this award by his coworkers after showing years of dedication and encouraging nothing but a culture of safety, excellence and completely embodying the concept of "One Team,’” Megan Rice, program director for Air Evac in Licking County, said. “Rich goes above and beyond to encourage everyone to be the best versions of themselves as flight crew.”

Wyckoff began his career in rotor wing aviation in 2005 while working on his helicopter private add-on rating, and then he became a full-time flight instructor. As a helicopter pilot, he eventually joined a company that did utility work and firefighting. In that job he was put on the path that brought him to Air Evac Lifeteam.

“This new role allowed me to travel the country, meet amazing people and gain perspective. It was during this time that I discovered the area I now live and led me on the path that brought me to Air Evac,” Wyckoff said.

In 2012 he joined the Air Evac 107 base in Ohio. He was named Region 2 Pilot of the Year in 2015, and took the role of Base Pilot Supervisor for Air Evac107 in 2017. Over that time, Wyckoff continued to lead and help those on his team. Today he is known for creating a culture of safety, and unwavering encouragement while teaching and sharing aviation education to team members and crew. Owing to his background in flight instruction, he has also drafted several trainings to share with medical crew members to teach aviation safety.

“Richard started with our company flying EMS flights as a line pilot, but due to his exemplary leadership skills he was elevated to Base Pilot Supervisor where he has earned the respect of both the med crew and other pilots, as well as many other support staff,” said Clayton Andresen, regional director of flight operations for Air Evac Lifeteam. “As a pilot he projects a warm, cheerful attitude toward other staff and the patients and community that he serves. He is respected by all he works with and is a valuable asset to the world of EMS pilots.”

Wyckoff says it’s the team at AEL 107 that helps fuel his passion for the job he works in today. While he works to support his coworkers, Wyckoff seeks to build relationships outside of work that help maintain community relationships.

“My time with Air Evac is something that is very dear to my heart. I have grown tremendously over the past decade and the relationships that have been cultivated during this time have been the impetus of that growth,” Wyckoff said. “I am very proud of the people I work with and all that they do. Without them I would not be sharing this story. The culture of mutualism between disciplines and the ownership we each take in our jobs has made this a great place to be. I am very grateful.”
Air Evac Lifeteam Pilot Honored as Pilot of the Year by National EMS Pilots Association