Amarillo Medical Services Fully Operational After Roof Collapses


Company continuing to respond to medical emergencies.
We want to assure Amarillo residents that there are enough ambulances and crews to respond to medical emergencies, despite the hangar roof collapse at the EMS location at Tradewind Airport. A total of three hangars were damaged due to the heavy snow and ice. Robert Saunders, regional director for American Medical Response (AMS parent company), said there will be no delay in service due to the roof collapse.

“At our daily 12 p.m. peak, we have 11 ambulances and crews ready to serve Amarillo residents at a moment’s notice,” Saunders said. “That will not change because of the hangar roof collapse. We had six ambulances brought in from other AMR locations, and we have the crews to staff them. That is a key benefit of being part of the nation’s largest medical transportation company…we have the resources needed to continue to serve our communities without a disruption in service.” He noted that the other operations who sent additional fleet are fully operational as well.

Saunders said while the heavy snow and ice collapsed the roof at the AMS location, the offices were not impacted. “There were three ambulances destroyed, and four more are stuck. We have a steel company coming out to shore up the building so we can remove the ambulances.”

Saunders said AMS has proudly served the Amarillo community for 11 years, and will continue to provide compassionate care and excellent service.