AMR Miami's Therapy Dog to "Rufferee" Puppies at GMR Playoff Championship


AMR Miami Therapy Dog & handler will attend adorable matchup that kicks off college football playoffs championship event.

On Friday, January 7, two team members from American Medical Response (AMR) Miami will participate in the highly anticipated matchup of the season – the Puppies at the Playoff event! Presented by AMR parent company Global Medical Response, the adorable event matches up two teams of cute adoptable Labrador puppies who are playing for all the kibbles and cuddles. Team members from the Global Medical Response Therapy Dog team will be in attendance to help “rufferee” the event and demonstrate the importance of their day-to-day work with first responders from around the nation.

AMR Senior Vice President and GMR Therapy Dog Handler Bob Garner and his dog, Karma, are looking forward to what is expected to be a very ruff and tumble game. “I am looking forward to interacting with fans at this weekend’s game and introducing them to Karma and the work of the GMR Therapy Dog team. I also hope to help some adoptable puppies find good homes.”

When first responders need support after a difficult call or after a long day of helping patients, GMR’s therapy dogs are there to support them. GMR frontline caregivers and support teams provide care at a moment’s notice across the country. Particularly during the last two years, EMTs, paramedics, nurses, pilots, and firefighters have gone above and beyond, responding to areas hard-hit by COVID-19, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires. The Program has certified therapy dogs who provide effective pet-provided therapy services in their community and across the country.

AMR Miami's Therapy Dog to "Rufferee" Puppies at GMR Playoff Championship