GMR Sends Second Major Shipment of Ambulances, Medical Equipment and Supplies to Rebuild Bahamas EMS System


McKesson, ZOLL, Ferno and Direct Relief join GMR in donating much-needed medical supplies after Hurricane Dorian. GMR donates 8 ambulances to the islands.
(Dallas, TX) – Global Medical Response (GMR) is sending a second major shipment of ambulances and medical equipment to the Bahamas as part of the company’s $1 million pledge in aid relief to help the island nation re-establish critical emergency medical services after Category 5 Hurricane Dorian. EMS equipment suppliers McKesson, ZOLL, Ferno and Direct Relief immediately reached out to GMR COO Ted Van Horne to donate additional medical supplies when they heard about GMR’s relief project. [See Sept. 6 press release]

“We started getting calls immediately after we announced our plans to send ambulances and supplies to the Bahamas,” said Van Horne. “We would like to specifically thank ZOLL, Ferno, McKesson and Direct Relief leaders for their assistance in donating EMS medical supplies and equipment to the devastated areas in the Bahamas. They are helping fill a critical need to get the EMS system back into full operation.”

Van Horne said there are essentially no emergency medical services in parts of the country. “Having supported communities after disasters, we know it is critical to start rebuilding immediately so that residents have access to medical care.” On September 6, GMR gave $250,000 to the Red Cross Bahamas relief fund, and on Sunday, September 8, it shipped four fully loaded ambulances to the Abaco Islands, which suffered a significant impact. This week, GMR is shipping four additional ambulances and advanced life support equipment to the Bahamian Health Ministry for the EMS systems across the islands.

Pallets of the donated medical supplies are in Florida to be staged for shipping to the Bahamas. GMR’s ground ambulance company, American Medical Response (AMR), has crews stationed to receive, pack and ship the donations, which include among many other items:
  • Four ZOLL X Series cardiac monitors
  • Thousands of medical supplies from McKesson and Direct Relief, such as syringes, bandages, tourniquettes, catheters, first aid kits, gloves, surgical masks and personal protective equipment for medical professionals
  • 340 Ferno backboards and associated patient transport systems as well as cervical collars (C-collars) and trauma bags

To date, Van Horne said, “More than 15,000 medical supplies have been donated, and the list keeps growing as companies and people rally to support our Bahamian neighbors.” He said getting the supplies to the Bahamas was slightly delayed when more bad weather came through the area last week, and all shipments (not just the medical donations) were put on hold until it was safe to ship this week.