Guardian Flight Alaska Celebrates Health Aide Appreciation Day


HB 198 Would Proclaim September 10 as Health Aide Appreciation Day.
In anticipation of the Alaska State Legislature passing House Bill 198, proclaiming September 10 as Health Aide Appreciation Day, Guardian Flight Alaska plans to celebrate Health Aide Appreciation Day by sending commemorative plaques to the representatives who supported the initiative, and to the municipalities and organizations who agreed to adopt the September 10 Health Appreciation Day officially. Guardian Flight will also be thanking Health Aides with notes of appreciation and social media recognition.

"In our 24 years of service to the state of Alaska, our teams have come to know the tireless work of Community Health Aides,” said Jared Sherman, Vice President of Operations for Guardian Flight Alaska’s parent company, Global Medical Response. "With the passage of HB198, we help to recognize and honor the work of the Community Health Aide, the integral role they play in tribes and communities throughout the state and their contributions to healthcare."

Community Health Aides serve more than 170 villages throughout the state by providing emergent and acute medical care to rural Alaskans. Health Aides are an established part of the state's healthcare system that includes mid-level providers, physicians, regional hospitals, and the Alaska Native Medical Center.

“This bill recognizes Community Health Aides at the same level we recognize nurses and EMTs, who work closely with health aides in Alaska every day,” said Ben Hughes, a 17-year veteran Flight Paramedic in Fairbanks.

With the passage of this bill, September 10 will unite all health aide organizations and the public in highlighting and honoring the critical impact of Community Health Aides in the state of Alaska and celebrate their historic contributions to health and safety.
Chugachmiut Health Aides, Kristen Walcott (left) itinerant CHA III, and full time resident Melonie Kashevarof (right) CHA II, from the Chenega Clinic.