Guardian Flight Alaska Now Operating Medical Airplane in Kenai


New operation provides lifesaving care to residents in emergency situations.
Guardian Flight Alaska’s newest air medical transport base in Kenai is now in service. Located alongside the Guardian Flight helicopter base at the Kenai Municipal Airport, the new fixed-wing base expands access to lifesaving care for residents in Bristol Bay, Kodiak Island, Cook Inlet and the Kenai Peninsula.

“The addition of a fixed-wing base to our Kenai operations will have a significant impact on residents and visitors to southern south-central Alaska who are faced with a critical injury or illness,” said Delvinee Dillingham, regional director for Guardian Flight Alaska. “We have a dynamic team of professionals in Kenai and look forward to enhancing our services to the community and strengthening our relationships with local first responders, healthcare providers and health aids.”

The new fixed-wing base is staffed by highly trained and experienced pilots, flight nurses and flight paramedics. The King Air 200 aircraft operated at this base is an incredibly capable twin-turboprop plane with an average travel distance of 1075 nautical miles. The aircraft is medically configured with the latest avionics and safety features and has a noise-reduced cabin for patient comfort.

Guardian Flight is a participating provider in the AirMedCare Network (AMCN), the nation’s largest air medical transport membership program with more than 320 air medical locations across 38 states. Members have no out-of-pocket costs for the flight only if flown by an AMCN participating provider for a life-or limb-threatening injury or illness. Whatever the member’s insurance or third-party insurance pays is considered payment in full. Annual memberships start at $125. 
Guardian Flight Alaska Now Operating Medical Airplane in Kenai