Jacob Dindinger's Family Talks About Their Loved One


The American Medical Response EMT was shot on July 18 in Tucson, Ariz.
American Medical Response (AMR) EMT Jacob Dindinger remains in a hospital, fighting for his life after a senseless act of violence on Sunday, July 18. His work family holds Jacob in their hearts and prayers during this incredibly difficult time. His mother and family wanted to take this opportunity to share the Jacob they know and love. Jackie Evans released the following statement:

“Jacob was born in Long Beach, Calif., where he lived until his family moved to El Paso, Texas, when he was in the third grade. His family moved from El Paso to Tucson nine years ago. Jacob graduated from Canyon del Oro (CDO) High School in 2019. While attending CDO, Jacob played baseball for three years. These were not the only years that Jacob played baseball; he played for about 11 years, starting in Little League and then moving into playing on travel teams. We all know the commitment and dedication that it takes to play on a travel team, which goes to show that Jacob was dedicated and driven to succeed early in his life.

When Jacob was a senior at CDO, he decided to take a new focus, and decided he wanted to become an EMT. This decision was made in part after he visited with his brother, Bryan Presetti, in Long Beach, Calif., where Bryan is a Firefighter/Engineer. Jacob spent the time to research what was required to become an EMT, and after he graduated from CDO he enrolled in the EMT Program at Pima Community College for the fall 2019 semester. Jacob worked hard during his EMT course, and was successful in passing not only the EMT course, but also the National Registry written test to become certified as an EMT in Arizona. COVID hit Arizona in 2020, and during the summer of 2020, Jacob dedicated his time and efforts to becoming certified as a SCUBA diver. His goal after becoming certified was to take the opportunity to travel and see all the beautiful sights under the sea.

As Jacob continued to look towards his future, he decided to apply at American Medical Response (AMR) in Tucson and was hired on March 15, 2021. During Jacob’s new hire class, it was evident that his quick wit and sense of humor made him the perfect fit for a first responder. A couple months after being hired, Jacob started expressing an interest in being sponsored by AMR to attend paramedic school, once he was eligible. Jacob’s long-term dream and goal was to be a firefighter just like his older brother, but he wanted to accomplish that goal quicker than Bryan. This shows the drive and determination that Jacob has.

Jacob wants to travel and see new things. In the past, he would travel to Long Beach so he could see Bryan, but he always wanted to have the opportunity to go other places and see something different. One of the most important things in Jacob’s life is his family. Family means everything to Jacob, and he is happiest when he is with his family.”

To make a donation, you can visit the Support EMT Jacob Dindinger & His Family GoFundMe page.

The family requests not to be contacted for interviews at this time, but wanted to share Jacob’s story. American Medical Response asks that you respect the family’s wishes.