Life Line Ambulance Awarded Grant To Assist With Education


Life Line Ambulance has received a $25,000 grant that will go toward increasing paramedic training.
Life Line Ambulance has been awarded a $25,000 grant from Northern Arizona EMS (NAEMS) to increase paramedic training. The grant comes from a larger $100,000 grant that was received across Arizona’s four EMS regions. The NAEMS grant was provided by the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Bureau of Emergency Medical and Trauma Services, a service created to help agencies address the national shortage of pre-hospital providers.

Life Line Ambulance, part of American Medical Response, implemented its award-winning Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program specific to paramedic training at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The EWYL program was designed to alleviate the barriers to entry of the EMS profession by providing students a paycheck for the duration of training and a full-time job offer with a commensurate pay increase upon completion of the program,” says Damon Schilling, public affairs manager for Global Medical Response, Southwest Region. “This grant will have a substantial impact as it supports the EWYL program in preparing more paramedics to serve the communities of northern Arizona.”

NAEMS opened the application process specifically for paramedic training as the need for paramedics has been identified as critical in the region. To encourage the widest reach, agencies, educational institutions and individuals were invited to participate in the application process. Twenty-three of Life Line Ambulance’s team members met the criteria for this grant. They join the nearly 85 total recipients of the NAEMS selection process, including Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority and numerous other agencies and individuals throughout northern Arizona.
Life Line Ambulance Awarded Grant To Assist With Education