Lifeguard EMS Makes Investment in Patient Care


New IV pumps have been distributed throughout the six-county service area.
Lifeguard EMS of East Kentucky has always been dedicated to providing care at a moment’s notice. That task is now made easier with the addition of 17 new single-channel IV pumps. Bill Baker, director of operations for Lifeguard EMS of East Kentucky, said the pumps were purchased in early April, and 16 of the pumps have been distributed throughout the region for patient care. The remaining IV pump is used for training purposes.

“We’ve been using IV pumps during inter-facility transfers, but in the past we’ve had to use the facility’s infusion pump,” Baker said.

IV infusion pumps play a pivotal role in EMS. Baker said they provide the ability to administer medications and IV fluids with defined dosing, flow rates and controlled target volumes directly to patients with speed, accuracy and confidence. The IV pumps are pre-programmed with critical care medications, and Baker said Lifeguard having its own equipment is better for the hospital and for the community.

“This comes at a great time, because these are highly coveted pieces of equipment, and it’s very likely the hospital would need the pumps we had previously borrowed to transport critical care patients,” he said.

Lifeguard EMS of East Kentucky serves patients in Floyd, Harlan, Knott, Leslie, Magoffin and Pike counties. The pumps are maintained at each station, and put on board the ambulance if needed.
Lifeguard EMS of East Kentucky recently made an investment in patient care with the purchase of 17 new IV pumps. Photo courtesy of Lifeguard EMS of East Kentucky.