MetroCare/AMR Continues Operations in Abilene, TX After Widespread Tornado Damage


All crew members have checked in safe. Company encourages residents across the country to heed emergency warnings.
(Lewisville, TX) — Global Medical Response (GMR) crews have all checked in safe after a tornado struck Abilene, TX. GMR has an Air Evac Lifeteam air base and MetroCare/AMR ground operations in the city.

“Our ground and air teams are safe and our facilities did not suffer any damage from the tornado,” said GMR Chief Operating Officer Edward Van Horne. “We have continued to operate ground operations, and our air operations will resume flights once it is safe to fly. We are running 911 calls and doing everything we can to support local residents in the aftermath.”

As the weather continues to cause issues in the central region of the country, Van Horne said all GMR air, fire and ground operations across the country are monitoring closely through the company’s Office of Emergency Management.

GMR encourages all residents in the storm’s path to monitor the weather heed all emergency signals and take shelter immediately if there is a tornado warning. Communities and residents can get tornado safety information here: Tornado Safety