Nashua Public Health Director, Fire Chief Join AMR to Launch Paid EMT Training Program


Applications Due March 1 for the Earn While You Learn Program, which offers Nashua-area residents in New Hampshire a cost-free career in EMS.
At a time when frontline healthcare workers are in great demand, Nashua Director of Public Health and Community Services Bobbie Bagley and Chief of Department Nashua Fire Rescue Brian D. Rhodes, joined American Medical Response (AMR) today to announce that the company is bringing its nationally recognized Earn While Your Learn program to Nashua. The program, launched in conjunction with the City of Nashua and Nashua Fire Rescue, allows EMT trainees to be hired full-time and paid for on-the-job training while taking the necessary certification courses to become emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

“By recruiting local people through strong partnerships with the City of Nashua, AMR is demonstrating its commitment to our citizens and community,” said Bobbie Bagley, Nashua Director of Public Health and Community Services. “This very successful program is designed to make an easier transition for those wanting to become an EMS professional and provides a critical need for EMT staffing for Nashua. The City of Nashua is very appreciative of AMR’s investment in our city and creating more jobs for our residents and their families.”

The company’s award-winning Earn While You Learn program is designed to provide a paid opportunity for those wanting to become EMS professionals. Participants are hired as employees and compensated while attending AMR’s EMT-Basic certification course. Upon successful completion of the program and obtaining their state certification, participants are promoted to EMT-B with a commensurate pay increase.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in being trained to become a part of their local emergency medical services team,” said Brian D. Rhodes, Chief of Department Nashua Fire Rescue. “Public safety agencies across the country are struggling to find qualified, trained professionals to serve their local communities. Earn While You Learn provides that opportunity and pays them to do it. It’s an innovative win-win.”

The three-month program has made a career in emergency medical services more accessible, ensuring that a candidate is financially secure while in training.

“AMR is thrilled to announce it is hiring and training 25 future lifesavers in its first Earn While You Learn academy in Nashua,” said Patrick Pickering, AMR Northeast Regional Director. “Our commitment to local workforce development and training is an essential part of our success in providing high quality services to the communities that we serve here in the Granite State.”

Anyone who is compassionate, cares about helping their community and wants to work for a terrific company with great benefits is encouraged to apply for the Earn While You Learn program and get on the path to saving lives, while getting paid to learn how. The program is an exciting opportunity for New Hampshire residents who want to begin a rewarding career in EMS.

The program was nationally recognized by the American Ambulance Association in the Employee Programs Category. This is the first Earn While You Learn program to launch in Nashua, New Hampshire. The AMR program has had great success across the country and in several local areas including Manchester, NH, and Springfield and Worcester, MA, with more than 50 graduates in the last year in those locations.

Applicants will embark on a 10-12 week program, where they will learn the tools of the EMT trade while being paid. To qualify, an applicant must be 18 years of age or older, have a high school diploma or GED, have all required immunizations, and successfully pass background checks.

Interested candidates should apply by March 1, 2022, on the AMR website. Classes begin March 7, 2022. Candidates must have a valid and current driver’s license and pass a drug screening. To apply, head to the AMR website and sign up at

Nashua Public Health Director, Fire Chief Join AMR to Launch Paid EMT Training Program