Patient Thanks First Responders for Saving His Life


Josh Fowler of Lubbock, Texas believes he's alive today because of the medical care he received by AeroCare.
First responders from AeroCare 4 were reunited during a lunch event on October 20 with a patient whose life they saved. Josh Fowler of Lubbock was thankful to have the opportunity to show his appreciation to Flight Nurse Kelly Garrett and Flight Paramedic Brandon Pyron during the reunion. The AeroCare team was equally grateful and honored to spend the afternoon with Fowler and his wife.

“It’s not often you get to shake the hand of a patient you’ve cared for after you’ve left their side,” shared Garrett. “It’s even less likely when they are someone who was as sick as Josh. I am thrilled to see he has made a full recovery.”

Fowler was involved in a serious collision with a semi-trailer that left him trapped in his vehicle in May of 2020. AeroCare arrived on scene of the accident while first responders were extracting Fowler from his vehicle, which had significant damage to the front end.

“As he was being moved from his vehicle to a nearby ambulance, it was obvious he had several extremity fractures,” said Pyron. “We intubated Josh and stabilized him in the ambulance before moving him to our aircraft for transport. He was extremely critical during the flight due to the severe multi-system trauma he endured from the accident.”

The AeroCare team, including the pilot, Garrett and Pyron, provided the highest level of critical care on that flight and ultimately saved Fowler’s life, transporting him to UMC Health System for further treatment.

“Right after I hit the back of the semi, no one knew how badly I was broken, including my neck. I obviously needed expert care,” said Fowler. “Because of the incredible training and skill of the crew…they not only saved my life, I was given the chance to walk again. I never thought I’d need air medical services, but when I did, I am glad AeroCare was ready to save my life.”
Patient Thanks First Responders for Saving His Life