Global Medical Response Activates National Command Center ahead of Tuesday’s Election


GMR activated its National Command Center (NATCOM) in Dallas Monday morning.
(DALLAS, Texas) — Global Medical Response (GMR), the world's largest provider of medical transportation services, activated its National Command Center (NATCOM) in Dallas Monday morning. GMR is also preparing to deploy resources to communities that may experience increased emergency medical services (EMS) needs in the event of civil disturbances due to election results.

"GMR crews regularly train with local Public Safety and Healthcare partners to respond to large scale events and other emergency situations," said Ted Van Horne, Chief Operating Officer of Global Medical Response. "Our Office of Emergency Management closely monitors GMR’s operations 24/7 and can work with regional teams to dispatch crews to areas that might experience increased EMS demands.” The company has operations in 4,000 U.S. communities, all of which are monitored through the GMR Office of Emergency Management.

In addition to activating NATCOM, Van Horne said that GMR is issuing additional safety protocols to its 30,000 caregivers ahead of Tuesday's election. "This situation has unknown variables," said Van Horne. "Our teams have the support and resources necessary to ensure their safety and the safety of our patients and communities." GMR's national scope allows the organization to mobilize personnel, vehicles, medical aircraft, fire services, logistics and supplies to respond quickly to any immediate needs throughout the country.