Rural Metro Fire Celebrates the Career of Chief Phil Turnbull


Chief Phil Turnbull will retire after a momentous 50-year career.
After a 50-year career in the fire service, Rural Metro Fire Chief Phil Turnbull will retire on April 1, 2023.

Turnbull helped found the Fire Service Research Company of Oregon, which he helped establish on August 14, 1978. In less than a year, the company began providing local fire protection service in Josephine County when it opened its doors as Valley Fire Service on July 22, 1979. From humble beginnings, Turnbull helped build the organization we know today as the Rural Metro Fire Josephine County Operation.

"It has been a privilege spending the twilight years of my career with Rural Metro Fire and our Global Medical Response family," said Turnbull. "It has been a blessing to have served with so many talented and dedicated people."

Turnbull began his career in Central Point, Oregon as a volunteer firefighter in 1972 at age 16. His role as a volunteer firefighter ultimately led him to the Eugene, Oregon Fire Department as a career firefighter before creating Valley Fire Service. Turnbull became the Fire Chief of Valley Fire Service in January 1980.

In the four decades since, Turnbull has become a highly regarded fire service leader in Oregon and beyond.

"We have been honored and blessed to have Chief Turnbull as a member of our family," said Brian Davis, national fire chief for Community Fire Operations. "He had a hand in building this operation, and it will forever be known as his legacy.

Not many people have made an impact on the fire service like Phil. He is a tremendous leader and a deeply kind individual.”

The Rural Metro Fire Josephine County Operation will celebrate the career of Chief Turnbull at its annual banquet on April 8, 2023.
Rural Metro Fire Celebrates the Career of Chief Phil Turnbull