Cybil Forkner, United States Army

Private First Class (PFC)

Cybil Forkner comes from a family that has a long line of military service. So, it’s really no surprise that she would follow suit and join the Army, just like her father and brother did. As a CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) Specialist 74D and now Private First Class with the Army, Forkner’s special and intense training gave her an expertise that allows her to go on reconnaissance and surveillance missions. She can also perform decontamination and obscuration operations.

And as for decision to enter the field of EMS, that, too, was based on a special influence in her life. "I had a brush with death at the age of nine following a dog attack that injured my throat," says Forkner. "The paramedic that took me to the hospital has been like a father-figure since the injury and inspired me to become an EMT."

Forkner’s love for the military and her passion as an EMT eventually led her to AMR, where she served in the North Los Angeles division from 2002 to 2010. She returned to AMR in 2022 as a traveling EMT.

Rank Achieved
Private First Class

Role with AMR
Special Operations EMT within the State of California. As a travel and Red Line EMT, Forkner is also available for large-scale deployments.

Favorite Military Experience
Forkner loved training with her fellow service personnel. She specifically enjoyed the relationships she made during her Advanced Individual Training and Basic Combat Training. The trainings gave her an in-depth understanding of how to remain adaptable and positive in all situations, particularly challenging ones.