Errol Medeiros, U.S. Navy

Interfacility Transport (IFT) Dispatcher, AMR, Southern California

Errol Medeiros thinks fondly about his life in the U.S. Navy. “My father and sister were in the Air Force, and I had three uncles and a grandfather in the Navy. I chose to enroll in the Navy over the Air Force, because I wanted to have more opportunities to travel,” he says. Medeiros says his role as an Operations Specialist in the military allowed him to gain extensive experience in the area of managing strategic and tactical information. “I worked in the Combat Information Center and did radar operations, navigation and radio traffic activities among other duties.”

And while he’s appreciative of his time in the U.S. Armed Forces, particularly the feeling of brotherhood among his fellow Sailors, Medeiros left it to pursue other opportunities which landed him at AMR Southern California, where he’s been serving for eight and half years. His current title is Interfacility Transport (IFT) Dispatcher at the Los Angeles operations.

Rank Achieved
Operations Specialist 3rd Class

Countries Visited
Somalia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and Japan.

Role with AMR
As an IFT Dispatcher, Medeiros is responsible for collecting facts from emergency reports, assessing the most important information and relaying that information to EMTs, Firefighters and other First Responders. “Everything I have to do on this job, I already did in a larger role with the Navy. I spoke on the radios to aircraft and ships; I also was on the radios while the Seals and Marines did their operations.”