Mike DiGaetano, United States Navy (Attached to the Marine Corps)

Advanced EMT, 911 Operations, AMR, Las Vegas, NV

Mike DiGaetano served his country as a Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Corpsman (FMF) in the United States Navy, attached to the Marine Corps Command. His 14-year military career took him around the world during times of peace and times of combat. As he matriculated back into the civilian world, he still served in the Reserves, but found it just wasn’t the same as active duty.

Wanting to continue to serve his community, he began his career with American Medical Response (AMR) 24 years ago and has served the Las Vegas, Nevada region with distinction ever since. DiGaetano credits his time in the service to his success with AMR.

“As a Corpsman, you are instilled with a sense of honor, courage, commitment, integrity and professionalism,” said DiGaetano. “Additionally, we were trained in numerous medical disciplines and situational awareness, to remain calm, cool and collected in tense situations.”

Role with AMR
DiGaetano works in the AMR Las Vegas 911 operations, where his military training has been put to great use, remaining focused under extreme pressure situations.
  • He is an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) with the ability to care for critical and emergent patients.
  • He also instructs younger EMTs and serves preceptor, supervising students and less-experienced practitioners.

Role in the Navy
  • An FMF provides medical and operational services for Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance personnel engaged in direct action and reconnaissance operations.
  • Performs paramedical skills, basic life support, minor surgical procedures and other routine and emergency medical healthcare procedures as required.
  • Instructs and advises operational personnel in measures for prevention of illness and treatment of injuries associated with swimming, open and closed circuit SCUBA diving, military freefall and amphibious operations.
Rank Achieved
DiGaetano achieved the rank of Corpsman E-5.