Tim Jenkins, Army Veteran

Chief Pilot, Air Evac Lifeteam (A GMR Solution)

Tim Jenkins knew transitioning from his 20-year Army career to civilian life might be challenging. He knew going from flying gunships such as the AH-1 attack and AH-64 Apache helicopters and 400 combat hours during Iraqi Freedom would require a different outlook on the civilian side. He was able to rise to the occasion.

“The transition from military to civilian life was difficult. I flew gunships. I spent 20 years developing those skills. They didn’t have a purpose in civilian life. It’s a different mindset,” he said.

But Jenkins started looking around. He knew he wanted to fly; he’d been flying since age 19 and knew he had the skillset that would be valuable to somebody out there.

“That’s what got me into air ambulance. I could use all my aviation experience flying a helicopter which I’ve always enjoyed doing … and now I use that skillset to actually help people,” he said.

Jenkins found his perfect civilian job with Air Evac Lifeteam, a Global Medical Response solution, first as a baseline pilot in Tennessee and now as Chief Pilot with 600 pilots reporting up to him. He credits his military career with giving him the skills he uses every day.

As Chief Pilot, Jenkins oversees six regional groups, including more than 600 pilots, covering a 15-state area.

“Everything I learned has culminated to this point – the maturity, the experiences that I brought with me from the military – have brought me to the position I’m in now.”