William "Pat" Gerdemann, Air Force Veteran

Flight Instructor, Check Airman Pilot, Med-Trans Corporation

William (Pat) Gerdemann was appointed to the United States Air Force Academy, an honor reserved for only about 1,500 candidates every year. After completing his coursework, he graduated and began his active-duty career. He served for 24 years as a combat rescue helicopter pilot.

Wanting to begin his civilian flying career, Gerdemann retired from the Air Force. He now serves his community as an H135 Helicopter Instructor and Check Airman Pilot for Med-Trans Corp., with whom he’s worked for 11 years. He credits the military for preparing him for these civilian roles.

“My peacetime duties in the Air Force were the same as what I do for Med-Trans,” said Gerdemann. “I train and evaluate younger pilots, instruct medical crews on their aviation duties and supervise simulator training.”

Rank Achieved

Gerdemann attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, one of the central officer ranks and equivalent to the rank of commander in the Navy and Coast Guard. Lieutenant Colonels typically:

  • Command squadrons in any given flying, non-flying or medical group
  • Lead training and commissioning programs
  • Are very involved in command roles and preparing command positions in the future
  • Guide majors and senior captains who report to them

Memorable Military Experience

Gerdemann had many experiences over his 24-year career. The most notable was performing rescues in the North Atlantic Ocean.