Patient Resources

If you or a loved one were recently transported by an air ambulance, you may have questions about what comes next. Global Medical Response (GMR) is committed to helping you throughout the process. In addition to our Patient Advocates, who are available by phone, we developed the tools below to help you better understand the next steps.

Understanding How Air Medical Services Are Used

How does an air ambulance get deployed? Who makes the call? What kind of medical emergencies require an air ambulance? Learn more about when and why air ambulances are called and the kind of services they provide.

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What to Expect After Your Emergency Air Medical Transport

Following an emergent (emergency) air medical transport, you may be unsure about the financial process that follows. If you have financial questions, including how your insurance may impact how much you owe, we have resources to help you.

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After You’ve Received an Explanation of Benefits

If you have private insurance, your insurance company will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) following a transport. While this document is not a bill, it can be difficult to navigate and may cause concern. We’ve created an example EOB designed to explain each of the items you may see listed.

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Patient Advocates 

Air Evac Lifeteam, REACH or Med-Trans patients call 877.288.5340

Guardian Flight patients call 801.619.4900